Pinot Noir

We produce five different bottlings of Stag Hollow pinot noir with estate-grown grapes.

Our pinot noirs are markedly different than most Oregon pinots.  The wines are highly structured (layered flavors), and because of this fruit-forward flavors are toned down.  The wines are richly textured with balanced acidity and tannins; oak flavors are integrated into the background; and distinguished by complex finishes that linger on and on.

Stag Hollow pinot noirs are crafted to age, and they do for a long time. To achieve this, our pinot noir grapes are grown close together (vine density 2-3 times higher than most vineyards) to encourage competition for water and nutrients. The competition moderately stresses the vines.  Stressed vines have thicker and more flavorful grapes skins. The structural elements needed for long aging are extracted from the grape skins during fermentation. Shy in their youth, our pinot noirs, with patience, show a remarkable evolution of engaging flavors as they age. Aromas and flavors of Stag Hollow pinot noirs typically center on black cherry with a mix of dark berry fruits, hints of orange peel, and feature earthiness and forest floor characteristics with layered notes of winter spice and cedar on the finish.

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Yamhill Villages

Our “Yamhill Villages” pinot noir is for everyday enjoyment and priced correspondingly. For those who discover Stag Hollow Wines, the Villages designation–made with same attention to detail as with our reserve wines–offers “flavors of place” that can be hard to find in the everyday price range in pinot noir.

Current Vintages Available for Purchase:

2011 Yamhill Villages Pinot Noir

(Intl Wine Report review – 90 pts)

The 2011 ‘Yamhill Villages’ Pinot Noir is a translucent colored wine which was held back by the winery owners as the coolness of the vintage required time for the flavors to fully amalgamate. The wine is currently displaying aromatics reminiscent of red currant, rose petals, red cherry, guava puree and hints of forest floor. There are flavors of red fruits, Mandarin orange rind and spice box. This is a round and silk, showing wonderful balance and lovely feminine quality and has the potential to age nicely over the next decade. (Best 2017-2026)

Yamhill Carlton

The “Yamhill-Carlton” is our most widely distributed and popular wine.  This wine is a barrel selection, skillfully blended from our small fermentation lots of 10 different clones of pinot noir.  This pinot noir offers substantial depth and complexity for its price.

Current Vintages Available for Purchase:

2014 Pinot Noir Yamhill-Carlton

(Intl Wine Report review – 91 pts)

“Begins with aromas of black tea, forest floor and peat moss. The mouthfeel is gorgeous, as the silky wine glides across the mid-palate. Blackberry cobbler, forest floor and black cherry preserve flavors impress. Hedonistic, yet elegant, this is an outstanding effort by the talented hands of Mark Huff.” (Best 2018-2026)

2013 Pinot Noir Yamhill-Carlton

A cool vintage, nose and fruit of raspberries, red cherry, smooth long finish with cherry and spices.


Of the three reserve-styled wines Stag Hollow produces, the Reserve is a blend of the many clones of pinot noir planted at Stag Hollow. This long-lived wine usually has 6-10 clones of pinot noir, with no one clone dominating, and achieves complexity through artful blending of wine flavors from different clones that can vary from vintage to vintage.

Current Vintages Available for Purchase:

2015 Pinot Noir Reserve

(Intl Wine Report review – 92 pts)

“The nose shows a nice array of red and dark fruits mingling with citrus and earthy tones. Silky smooth on the mid-palate, the mouthfeel is absolutely outstanding here. Dark cherry, roasted fig, with damp earth flavors complete this seductive wine. Enjoy this over the next decade or so.”

2014 Pinot Noir Reserve

(Intl Wine Report review – 92 pts)

“A blend of 8 different clones. This displays a slightly orange hued color and begins with gorgeous aromatics of red cherries, black truffle, white pepper, orange rind and suggestions of pipe tobacco. The earthy elements of this hot vintage wine are evident before folding in flavors of red fruits, orange zest and forest floor which carry on through the lingering finish. This gorgeous wine has just started its journey, but should cellar well past 10 years.” (Best 2017-2029)

Reserve 777/114

This two (Dijon) clones blend of pinot noir, is not produced every vintage. only being bottled from the 2004, 2005, 2008, 2009, and 2014 vintages.  Distinctive, forward fruit, yet retains depth.  This bottling, despite it always showing the earliest of Stag Hollow’s threesome of reserve style bottlings, has aged remarkably well beyond 10 years.  Big upfront fruit.

Current Vintages Available for Purchase:

2014 Pinot Noir Reserve 777/114

(Intl Wine Report review – 94 pts)

“Only made in years where the winemaker finds exceptional elegance. The resultant wine begins with aromas of candied red cherry, red raspberry, teaberry, cigar box, orange blossom and forest floor as the wine shows considerable range. The mouthfeel of this feminine style wine is absolutely gorgeous. There is a seamless quality to this wine that is rarely found. Like the other 2014 ‘Reserve’ bottling, this has the structure and elegance to cellar for over a decade.” (Best 2018-2030)

Vendange Sélection

Traditionally, this Pommard clone pinot noir from our oldest block planted in on own roots in 1990, is the last pinot to be harvested and it tends to mature at slower rates (more closed in its youth) and is very long lived.  The grapes for the Vendange Sélection are sourced only from the original first planting, a 2.5 acre area planted in 1990 that rises above a creek hollow which cools the air several degrees lower than the vineyards upslope.  The wine has grip, as they say across the pond.

Current Vintages Available for Purchase:

2015 Pinot Noir Vendange Sélection

(Intl Wine Report review – 92 pts)

“Opens with a bouquet of nutmeg, forest floor, red currant and red cherry cordial. The palate is lithe, rich and downright delicious. Dark and red fruits come into play with minerals and citrus components rounding out this outstanding wine. Smooth on the mouth, enjoy this great wine over the next ten to fifteen years.”

2014 Pinot Noir Vendange Sélection

(Intl Wine Report review – 93 pts)

“A blend of Pommard and Colmar 538 clones. This wine begins with bright aromatics of forest floor, black truffle oil, black cherry, wild blackberry and suggestions of cranberry. On the palate the flavors of dark fruits, black truffle, orange rind, guava puree and slight hints of cola beautifully weave together as this wine has considerable range. The minerality, light tannins and mid-palate weight suggests this is another age-worthy wine from this exceptional producer of Pinot Noir.” (Best 2017-2030)